Our Eyes In The Sky in Ovche Pole

Together with Dule Janev, Nikola Alexandrov Ristevski has dedicated his life and energy for more than a decade to the research, enrollment and promotion of Ovche Pole as one of the most unexplored and mysterious areas in our country: From the rarest herbs to carved rocks with vivid symbols that speak of ancient events from the history of “The Land of The Sun” – from  oldest religious buildings, beliefs and traditions to authentic local gourmet specialties… Everything is documented in books and movies and today we are very happy to announce that Nikola and Dule are the new ambassadors of Ovche Pole in “SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun”. 

Сполај ти Дионис – THANK YOU DIONIS

Dark clouds are covering the sun of our land “SONCHEVA” today: We have news that our ambassador, friend and one of the most outstanding persons of our country has passed away: Dionis Paslakov. Our thoughts and hearts are with Dionis´ family and we all push our horns and let our cars sing a song to salute Dionis! Thank you Dionis for inspiring us with your care, with your love and your passion! You became a part of our thinking, of our acts and you will always remain in our hearts! 

From Heavy Metal to Hazelnut Spread – Pece Klechkaroski

It is a heavenly experience to get an audience at the heavy metal god of homegrown specialties that are only made with ingrediencies for joy, love and cosmic wisdom that are growing in his backyard. With those he wizards dozens of different original recipes for making stellar pleasures of tasty delights! We are more than happy to present Pece Klechkaroski as the new Ambassador and producer of the finest food in SONCHEVA – The Land on The Sun.

Dionis Pashlakov – Our Man in Negotino

For 27 years he has been housing them, keeping them, nurturing them, healing them … In each of them he sees the uniqueness and beauty and the paths they have traveled. He respects them equally and dedicates himself to them with great love every day. For the humble biology professor from Negotino, each of the 120 cars and 63 motorcycles are individual characters, each with a unique story and history. Rejected by their owners, Dionis Pashlakov became their new “father”, who created a home – a museum where all these beautiful vehicles will be able to show their value, which more and more people recognize. We are honored that Dionis is the new ambassador of SONCHEVA and his wonderful old-timers are part of our story.

ProPoint Supports SONCHEVA

It was a very inspiring afternoon that we´ve spent with Filip Hristov at his very impressive production house in Skopje: He told us the story about him and his brother Aleksandar, how they built ProPoint 20 years ago from literally nothing. Today ProPoint is one of the most modern printing houses in the Balkans and it is completely powered by their own photo voltaic plant that they built on top of their factory roof. No external or fossil energy is used to run all printing machines, air condition and IT in the whole factory and office rooms – they even recharge their vans in front of their house with their “home-made” electricity. The people at ProPoint are just a great example of how we can open the gates to an economic and ecological future in our “Land of The Sun” and how we can simply create a “SONCHEVA” by ourselves!

Pakomak Supports SONCHEVA

To lift the burden of thrash and poison from our soil, we don´t only need environmental awareness and love to our country and its nature, we also need a partner that can help us building an effective infrastructure to keep our land clean from pollution. In PAKOMAK we found a great partner that is sharing our values and our vision to make our land a better place for us and coming generations! We want to thank PAKOMAK for their trust and support so we will be able to do some very cool environmental actions in 2021 together in our “Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA”!

Visiting Stevche at ETHNO HOUSE SANCHEVA

Stevche Donevski – “Ethno House Sancheva”, KratovoThis unique house is located in the center of Kratovo and one of the most visited locations in the Land of the Sun. Their whole yard is filled with spices, both fresh and dried, of which the owner – the ambassador of SONCHEVA Stevche Donevski – prepares with special preparation and a unique ritual the famous „ktsana salt“ – a delicious and healthy addition to many traditional specialties. We were part of the creation and preparation of this authentic spice and we enjoyed the aromatic scents of the spices that are mixed in a wooden mortar and crushed with a heavy metal pestle. And then we tasted the specialties prepared with this salt. What can we say except: YamYam 😊

Ethno House Shancheva / Етно куќа „ШанчеваStevce Donevski

EU with Us :-)

We are very proud to announce that we are officially supported by the Delegation of the European Union, Skopje on our Social Media Channels. We want to thank you for your support and your motivating attitude towards the good people of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA!

Happy Birthday SYNTHESIS :-)

We are very happy to congratulate one of the most important bands of our country to their 25th anniversary: SYNTHESIS. On Wednesday we witnessed a wonderful concert of Synthesis in the center of Skopje and we couldn’t be more proud to call them our Ambassadors of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun.