ProPoint Supports SONCHEVA

It was a very inspiring afternoon that we´ve spent with Filip Hristov at his very impressive production house in Skopje: He told us the story about him and his brother Aleksandar, how they built ProPoint 20 years ago from literally nothing. Today ProPoint is one of the most modern printing houses in the Balkans and it is completely powered by their own photo voltaic plant that they built on top of their factory roof. No external or fossil energy is used to run all printing machines, air condition and IT in the whole factory and office rooms – they even recharge their vans in front of their house with their “home-made” electricity. The people at ProPoint are just a great example of how we can open the gates to an economic and ecological future in our “Land of The Sun” and how we can simply create a “SONCHEVA” by ourselves!

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Pakomak Supports SONCHEVA

To lift the burden of thrash and poison from our soil, we don´t only need environmental awareness and love to our country and its nature, we also need a partner that can help us building an effective infrastructure to keep our land clean from pollution. In PAKOMAK we found a great partner that is sharing our values and our vision to make our land a better place for us and coming generations! We want to thank PAKOMAK for their trust and support so we will be able to do some very cool environmental actions in 2021 together in our “Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA”!

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Visiting Stevche at ETHNO HOUSE SANCHEVA

Stevche Donevski – “Ethno House Sancheva”, KratovoThis unique house is located in the center of Kratovo and one of the most visited locations in the Land of the Sun. Their whole yard is filled with spices, both fresh and dried, of which the owner – the ambassador of SONCHEVA Stevche Donevski – prepares with special preparation and a unique ritual the famous „ktsana salt“ – a delicious and healthy addition to many traditional specialties. We were part of the creation and preparation of this authentic spice and we enjoyed the aromatic scents of the spices that are mixed in a wooden mortar and crushed with a heavy metal pestle. And then we tasted the specialties prepared with this salt. What can we say except: YamYam 😊

Ethno House Shancheva / Етно куќа „ШанчеваStevce Donevski

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EU with Us :-)

We are very proud to announce that we are officially supported by the Delegation of the European Union, Skopje on our Social Media Channels. We want to thank you for your support and your motivating attitude towards the good people of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA!

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Happy Birthday SYNTHESIS :-)

We are very happy to congratulate one of the most important bands of our country to their 25th anniversary: SYNTHESIS. On Wednesday we witnessed a wonderful concert of Synthesis in the center of Skopje and we couldn’t be more proud to call them our Ambassadors of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun.

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Dejan Spasovic – The Visions Builder

Dejan Spasovic in his workshop

A man with so many talents and skills, inspiring the young and inspiriting the old, a never ending well of vivid and sparkling visions, has joined our circle of Ambassadors: Dejan Spasovic. The sculpturerThe musicianThe artist – The natural builder of the Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA. 

Gordana hanging in there in Dejan´s workshop
Skype meeting in June with Dejan, Goca and Hannes
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Ivica Milevski Is Our New Ambassador

From left to right: Hannes, Ivica Milevski, Gordana

There are not many people around, who know this land better than him. He knows how it became to what it is today and he knows what to do, to preserve nature and heritage to 
create a rich, sustainable and clean environment for the future of our Land of The Sun: We are more than proud to present Ivica Milevski the new ambassador of SONCHEVA! 

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Meet The Protectors of COCEV KAMEN

From left to right: Hannes, Gojcho Stevkovski, Gordana, Marjan Mishevski and Dushko Aleksovski

In the beginning, before time and life, there already existed a place that became the birthplace of SONCHEVA. On COCEV KAMEN, where the gods started time by combining the energies of earth, universe and music, ancient artefacts tell us stories from those long-forgotten ages. We are very proud to introduce the protectors of this priceless heritage of humankind as the new ambassadors of Our Land of The Sun: Dushko Aleksovski, Gojcho Stevkovski and Marjan Mishevski.

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Masters of The Nectar of Truth

From left to right: Gordana, Saško, Badi and Hannes

Since ancient times it requires true mastery to turn the fruits of plants that root in the center of the earth into a nectar that allows humans to see their true nature. Only secret magic knowledge, given from one to the next generation can extract the essence of this fruit and we are proud to present the new ambassadors of SONCHEVA: Blaze Badi Minevski from the “Badi” winery and Sashko Andov from “EROS” winery. 

From left to right: Gordana, Badi and Hannes in the secret LOVE laboratory in Kavadarci
From left to right: Hannes, Saško and Gordana in front of EROS winery in Marena, Kavadarci
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Stefan Has The Eye in The Sky

Clockwise from top right: Stefan, Gordana, Hannes and the man in black

Life has given him the privileges of often staying and enjoying the benefits of the mountains and their highest peaks. The extremely talented photographer from the City of Consuls, Stefan Petrovski, is a new member of our creative team and will “hunt” for us the most breathtaking views landscapes of The Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA.

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