Opening Event in Skopje / Vodno

Our hearts are full of joy and pride when we saw all the numbers of this year’s GENERALKA WEEKEND. We broke all records and wrote history to enable a better future. We all did this together because we are people with different political, etnical, social and educational backgrounds, but what unites us is the country that we live in, the air that we breath and the water that we drink.

And these are the numbers:·

26 participating Municipalities from 6.-8. May 2022
o 8.212 participants 
o Total collected waste in three days: 186.748kg
o Selected Plastic: 7.249kg
o Selected Paper: 4.897kg
o Selected Glass: 397kg
o Selected Cans: 60kg
o Bulky Waste: 12.280kg
o Mixed Waste: 56.675kg
o Other Waste (illegal landfills): 105.190kg

Thank to our friends and partners, who made GENERALKA WEEKEND happen:
Pivara Skopje
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Agriculture
All mayors and directors of Komunalna and environment inspectors from all participating municipalities
Kids and teachers from more than 40 schools
Firefighters, NGOs, pensionists, sports clubs and everyone who made his/her hands dirty to clean!

We are proud about your trust and next time we will make it better, bigger and greater! This was the second year of GENERALKA WEEKEND and we have 8 more years to go to clean our country.

We are all SONCHEVI PIONERI – lets recycle the waste of the past into a green future – for all of us 🙂

Impressions from 6. May 2022
Impressions from 7. May 2022
Impressions from the 8. May 2022


This is the actual list of all locations that will be cleaned during the GENERALKA WEEKEND 2022:

6. May 2022

Aerodrom: 6. May +

8am till 12pm

  • OOU “Ljuben Lape” and the Kindergarden “Bambi”
  • OOU “Gjorgjija Pulevski” and kindergarden “Srnichka”
  • OOU “Lazo Angeleski” and Kindergarden “Buba Mara” and the kids Street
  • Shopping Center “Lisice”

Berovo: 6. May +

Starting Time: 9:00

  • From Manastir to Saint Bogorodica 
  • City Park river from both sides
  • Paket Market – Lovno
  • Path on Berovo lake
  • Circle path towards Calipso

Bitola: 6. May +

10 am till 2 pm

  • Street: Industriska across Star Progres and Bitolatex (ул.Индустриска наспроти стар Прогрес и Битолатекс)
  • Street Kocho Racin (left side) (ул.Кочо Рацин – лева страна)
  • The road toward village Bistrica near MV Schwarz (Пат за село Бистрица кај мв Шварц)
  • ARM
  • Village. Bukovo (с.Буково)
  • Street. Bataljon Stiv Naumov near The Beauties (ул. Баталјон Стив Наумов кај Убавиците)
  • All central elementary and highs schools

City of Skopje | Pivara Skopje on Vodno: 6. May 

09:00 – 14:00

Gjorce Petrov: 6. May +

Start: 10 am

  • Hrom Poljana
  • Jurija near the hospital “St. Lazar”
  • Dame Gruev near Kokta buildings 50 and 52

Kavardarci: 6. May +

9am to 12pm

Gathering place: Main Square

  • Street: “Gjore Brushanski” (Kavadarecki Dol)
  • Street: “Gjorgji Sokolov” with North Bulevar (Teniss playgroung, buildings Belka)
  • Street: “Klinska” Kalnica

Kratovo: 6. May +


  • Central region (protected)
  • Sport terrains
  • Educational institutions
  • Kej of Kratovska Reka 

Kriva Palanka: 6. May +

Time 9:00 – 11:00

  • 53 locations

Kriva Palanka TEPSIJA: 6. May +

Time 12:00 – 13:30

  • New Main Square 

Krusevo: 6. May 2022 +

11 am

  • Gumenje
  • Elementary School Nikola Karev
  • „Kaj Klupata“ 

Kumanovo: 6. May 2022 +

  • Riverbank from both sides of the river Kumanovska
  • Big wild depony 

Veles: 6. May 2022 

(Possible new dates and locations)

  • River Babuna
  • Lake Mladost

Saraj: 6. May +

9 am

  • Matka

Tearce: 6. May +

Start: 11am infront of the participating schools

  • Village Tearce – OOU „Kiril Pejchinovik”
  • Village Nerashte – OOU “Ismail Kjemali”
  • Village Odri – OOU “Faik Konica”
  • Village Glogji – OOU „Asdreni“
  • Village Slatino – OOU „Ekrem Chabej”
  • Village Leshok – OOU „Kiril Pejchinovikj”
  • Village Neproshteno – OOU „Ekjrem Chabej”
  • Village Dobroshte – OOU „Faik Konica“

Valandovo: 6. May +

10 am

  • City Valandovo (place called „Suva Reka” till the place called “Stranec” with gathering place on the location itelf 

Град Валандово (место викано „Сува река“ па се до место викано „Странец“ со збирно место на самата локација)

  • Udovo (true all place with gathering there)
    Удово (низ цело населено место со збирно место во паркот во самото населено место)


7. May

Bitola: 7. May +

  • 3 wastelands (They will send us the locations additionally)

Bosilovo: 7. May +

8 am infront the Municipality Building

  • Monastery “Sent Kliment and Naum”, village Hamzali

Demir Kapija: 7. May +

  • Entrance of Demir Kapija (enter of the E750 highway)
  • Left esplanade of river Boshava from the new bridge to the entrance of the river Vardar
  • Path to the depandance (fishery Aquatica)

Gjorce Petrov: 7. May +

  • Kross in village Kuchkovo (organized transport)

Gostivar: 7. May +

Time: 9:30 – 12:30 

Gathering Place in front of the Municipality building

  • High School Economy
  • City Hospital
  • Big Market
  • Culture Home

Ohrid: 7. May 2022 +

Starting point: 10am at the Beach Gorica

  • Backyards of the all highschools and the sorroundings
  • Line from Hotel Park to the former Child Clinic

Prilep: 7. May +

From 8am till 12pm

Gathering place: Parking Lot near the lake

  • Komplex “Artificial Lake” Prilep

Stip: 7. May +

9 am

Gathering place: Municipality building

  • Sonchev Grad neighbourhood Duzlak (Населба Сончев Град (Дузлак))
  • Pedestrian path in the part near Banja Kezovica (Novo Selo) (Пешачка патека во делот кај Бања Кежовица (Ново Село))
  • Street. Kosovska (Near Antenna) (ул. Косовска (Кај Антената))

Tetovo: 7. May +

9:30 am

  • Green Parks
  • Banja
  • Tetovchanka
  • Te Medicine ne
  • Industriska
  • Kale from Tetovo

Veles: 7. May?? (Possible new dates and locations)

  • River Babuna
  • Lake Mladost

8. May 2022

Gevgelija: 8. May

9:00 Start time

  • Archeological site Vardarski Rid
  • Novo Petlje entrance of the city between the rails and Zimov (green surface)
  • Former Kasarna

Konče 8. May

10 am

  • Lake Mantovo
  • The holiday houses and villas around

Strumica: 8. May

9 am

  • Industrial Zone (Behing BONI Integradba)  Street. Agroberza


9. May 2022

Debar: 9. May 2022 +

9 am

  • Debar Lake (meeting point)

17.-18. May 2022

Shuto Orizari: 17.-18. May

  • From Stovariste Dzidi Komerc to Poranesna Pretovarna Stanica   


So, what’s that?

Share your stories, fotos and experiences with us! Show us where you cleaned – what you cleaned – how it looked before and after your action! Let the world see, what SONCHEVI PIONERI are capable of! Show how you change the world and how your effort made an impact on our environment!

Be an idol – share your story!


Generalka Weekend Participating Municipalities

We are very happy to announce the final list of municipalities that will participate in the Generalka Weekend 2022:

6. May 2022
Aerodrom (Skopje) Berovo
Grad Skopje Kavadarci
Kriva Palanka
Saraj (Skopje)
Veles Valandovo

7. May 2022
Demir Kapija

8. May 2022
Gjorce Petrov (Skopje)

9.-18. May 2022
Debar – 9. May
Shuto Orizari – 17.-18. May

Generalka Weekend 2022 is on

Generalka Weekend 2022 from 6.-8. May is confirmed in 25 municipalities covering more than 1.200.000 citizens of North Macedonia. Generalka Weekend is therefor the biggest environment cleaning action in the history of NMK as well as on the whole balkans.

We are very proud to announce that Pivara Skopje and Pakomak are the patrons of the Generalka Weekend 2022 providing the infrastructure and spirit to create a fundamental change in the way we select waste and take responsibility for the environment around us.

Also in this year Zelena Soncheva is supported by the Ministry of Environment as well as the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture will dedicate one tree per ten kg of collected waste in their reforestation activities in the following years to come.

Generalka Weekend is a waste collecting action on the second weekend of May repeating for 10 years – from 2021 to 2031. Our goal is to clean the country from the garbage of the past to recycle it into a green future for us and following generations to come.

Each year in autumn we plant new trees together with the Ministry of Agriculture and private donators throughout the whole country and those forests will be called “SONCHEVA GORA”. SONCHEVA GORA are forests built by the efforts of the citizens of North Macedonia to rebuild their country to provide hope and a healthy environment for all people who live in this country.


We are very happy to announce that we have the dates confirmed for this year’s GENERALKA WEEKEND!
Please mark 6.-9. May 2022 in your calendars to get yourself dirty and clean 🙂

More info – and that’s gonna be a lot – is to come within the next weeks! So stay tuned and also check into our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.


General Information

The „GENERALKA WEEKEND | Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” is the first of two parts of the environmental action called “ZELENA SONCHEVA”.

During the GENERALKA WEEKEND between 6.-16. May 2021, the citizens and the local public trash companies of ten municipalities in North Macedonia were collecting and separating waste in their neighborhood. That trash was later picked, measured and recycled by Pakomak.

For every 10kg of trash, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy of North Macedonia donates a tree and the area where this forest will be planted. The exact location of SONCHEVA GORA will be announced in summer 2021. The plantation of this forest “SONCHEVA GORA” is the second part of ZELENA SONCHEVA, which will happen in November 2021.

ZELENA SONCHEVA should become a national tradition in every year: in every spring there is a weekend where all citizens clean their surroundings and for every 10kg of collected waste, we will plant a tree in autumn.

What happened in 2021

In the first year of GENERALKA WEEKEND exactly 1.000 confirmed participants from NGOs, Sport Clubs, Schools, kindergartens, environmental groups, employees of the municipalities, SONCHEVI PIONERI and Man And Mountain collected waste on more than 70 locations between 6. – 16. May 2021 in those municipalities:

  • Demir Kapija
  • Gevgelija
  • Kriva Palanka
  • Kruševo
  • Kumanovo
  • Štip
  • Strumica
  • Ohrid
  • Veles

And we collected:

  • 350 kg of plastic
  • 955 kg of paper
  • 73 kg of cans
  • 038 kg of glass
  • 360 kg of electronic waste
  • 405 kg of various waste


Every participant – from child to senior – has collected in average 11,8 kg of waste – by hand!

The Army together with the municipalities, NGOs and Rescue Teams collected more than 726 m³ of various waste with an estimated average weight of 225 kg per m³!

Together we collected in total 175.181 kg

The municipality with the most collected waste in 2021 is:

with 86.000 kg of collected trash

We congratulate all participants –

Spolaj Ti – Faleminderit – Thank you

Štip – from left to right: Biljana Kazandziska (Head of the Sector for education, public activities and LED in the Municipality of Štip), Gordana Sofija (CEO Man And Mountain LLC), D-r. Saško Nikolov (Mayor of The Municipality of Štip), Hannes Jaeckl (CEO Man And Mountain LLC) and Blagoj Bočvarski (Minister of Transport and Communications and former Mayor of Štip)

SOLOPROM – Becomes New Patron of SONCHEVA

As one of the most innovative and progressive forces in furniture and kitchen design, SOLOPROM already is a fixed member on the list of the finest companies in Macedonia. Their believe in quality, environmental and social responsibility and their continuous efforts in educating their employees makes them a natural Patron of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun. We are very happy and honored to welcome SOLOPROM in the family of the “Patrons of SONCHEVA” – the protectors of “The Land of The Sun” 🙂


Krusevo - a huge family event to clean the hood

And here comes the report (with a little delay) for GENERALKA WEEKEND – DAY 3

Kruševo had their action already on Friday and everyone was there – we see all generations of citizens with those gloves and PAKOMAK bags roaming in their city and beautiful forests and recreation areas around the city. Especially the young stood our with ambition and dedication to bring the best out of their hometown by collecting the worst and bring it to a controlled circle of recycling!

In Kriva Palanka the “GENERALKA WEEKEND | Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” was nothing less than a civil mobilization and a huge party! The EU day on Sunday additionally produced a wonderful momentum which has brought more than 300 people on the streets, into the forests, to picknick sites, the riverbanks and they cleaned! And how they cleaned. In the end of the action Krusevo looked more than a private British golf yard than a public place for normal citizens! Orchestrated teamwork in perfection between the municipality, NGOs, schools, private initiatives and the people of Krusevo! Impressive!

Strumica also celebrated the EU day and a great come together with NGOs and SONCHEVI PIONERI to join forces and clean the wonderful parks and impressive sites throughout the city of Strumica.

Kriva Palanka - Everyone is helping
Strumica - together we can make a change!


Ohrid - the young are in charge

So it continues: GENERALKA WEEKEND – Day 2 😀

And how it continued – great responses – big numbers – enormous energy!

Today we started at Štip with a visit of the Minister of transportation and former mayor of Štip Mr. Blagoj Bočvarski, who joined the cleaning action together with the whole administrative of the municipality of Štip and our SONCHEVI PIONERI. We are especially proud that we have seen people from all ages, being energetically and euphorically involved in collecting waste. We´ve seen a great movement in today´s action in Štip and lovely motivated people, who inspire not only us but also the whole country with their iron will to make things better!

Ohrid was the huge epicenter of positive energy on the Balkans today and this earthquake was produced by a great number of SONCHEVI PIONERI, who cleaned the wonderful beaches of Grašnica, Gorica, St. Stefan and Peštani. By singing songs and waving flags those young people went through the streets and picked garbage in an incredible volume! We are blown away – we saw, heard and felt the future of our country! The municipality of Ohrid, the kumunalno Ohridski Komunalec, Association of Citizens, “Coast of Youth”, “Clean Ohrid” and the citizens of Ohrid have shown us again today their strength and ability to create a sustainable green and clean renewal in their city!

Veles just doesn´t stop – actually they are unstoppable 😀 More than 150 people joined the GENERALKA WEEKEND today and made themselves dirty to clean! The fairytalish island on the river Varder near the City Park was targeted for cleaning – boats with Pakomak bags full of trash were delivered over the river. But also the old road to Skopje and the forest belt towards the village Sobot were cleaned. All of this wouldn´t have been possible for our SONCHEVI PIONERI alone – they were supported by: ZBVP “Macedonian Rescuers”, ZG Greenpower, Komunalno Derven, Schools, NGOs, Municipality administration and Volunteers from the Red Cross! Again the people of Veles demonstrate how to combine great organization and heartful dedication for a greater goal!

And the municipality of Gevgelja have joined forces with the komunalec, members of the council of the municipality of Gevgelja, representatives of schools, mountaineering assosiations, NGOs, “The Center for Children With Special Needs Mother Teresa” and the citizens volunteers SONCHEVI PIONERI to clean the old Kaserna. We have seen this site before and after the cleaning action and it´s again mind blowing, what can be achieved, when all members of society come together and care about each other and their environment! Today Gevgelja stood together again as one and proved that this city and these people do care!The “GENERALKA WEEKEND | Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” is still not over – tomorrow SUNDAY 9. May you can join Strumica and Kriva Palanka – not only to celebrate the EU Day, but also to get yourself dirty and clean 😀

Veles - educating the kids
Gevgelja - making a short break
Štip with the original Pioneri