Visiting Stevche at ETHNO HOUSE SANCHEVA

Stevche Donevski – “Ethno House Sancheva”, KratovoThis unique house is located in the center of Kratovo and one of the most visited locations in the Land of the Sun. Their whole yard is filled with spices, both fresh and dried, of which the owner – the ambassador of SONCHEVA Stevche Donevski – prepares with special preparation and a unique ritual the famous „ktsana salt“ – a delicious and healthy addition to many traditional specialties. We were part of the creation and preparation of this authentic spice and we enjoyed the aromatic scents of the spices that are mixed in a wooden mortar and crushed with a heavy metal pestle. And then we tasted the specialties prepared with this salt. What can we say except: YamYam 😊

Ethno House Shancheva / Етно куќа „ШанчеваStevce Donevski

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