Ohrid - the young are in charge

So it continues: GENERALKA WEEKEND – Day 2 😀

And how it continued – great responses – big numbers – enormous energy!

Today we started at Štip with a visit of the Minister of transportation and former mayor of Štip Mr. Blagoj Bočvarski, who joined the cleaning action together with the whole administrative of the municipality of Štip and our SONCHEVI PIONERI. We are especially proud that we have seen people from all ages, being energetically and euphorically involved in collecting waste. We´ve seen a great movement in today´s action in Štip and lovely motivated people, who inspire not only us but also the whole country with their iron will to make things better!

Ohrid was the huge epicenter of positive energy on the Balkans today and this earthquake was produced by a great number of SONCHEVI PIONERI, who cleaned the wonderful beaches of Grašnica, Gorica, St. Stefan and Peštani. By singing songs and waving flags those young people went through the streets and picked garbage in an incredible volume! We are blown away – we saw, heard and felt the future of our country! The municipality of Ohrid, the kumunalno Ohridski Komunalec, Association of Citizens, “Coast of Youth”, “Clean Ohrid” and the citizens of Ohrid have shown us again today their strength and ability to create a sustainable green and clean renewal in their city!

Veles just doesn´t stop – actually they are unstoppable 😀 More than 150 people joined the GENERALKA WEEKEND today and made themselves dirty to clean! The fairytalish island on the river Varder near the City Park was targeted for cleaning – boats with Pakomak bags full of trash were delivered over the river. But also the old road to Skopje and the forest belt towards the village Sobot were cleaned. All of this wouldn´t have been possible for our SONCHEVI PIONERI alone – they were supported by: ZBVP “Macedonian Rescuers”, ZG Greenpower, Komunalno Derven, Schools, NGOs, Municipality administration and Volunteers from the Red Cross! Again the people of Veles demonstrate how to combine great organization and heartful dedication for a greater goal!

And the municipality of Gevgelja have joined forces with the komunalec, members of the council of the municipality of Gevgelja, representatives of schools, mountaineering assosiations, NGOs, “The Center for Children With Special Needs Mother Teresa” and the citizens volunteers SONCHEVI PIONERI to clean the old Kaserna. We have seen this site before and after the cleaning action and it´s again mind blowing, what can be achieved, when all members of society come together and care about each other and their environment! Today Gevgelja stood together again as one and proved that this city and these people do care!The “GENERALKA WEEKEND | Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” is still not over – tomorrow SUNDAY 9. May you can join Strumica and Kriva Palanka – not only to celebrate the EU Day, but also to get yourself dirty and clean 😀

Veles - educating the kids
Gevgelja - making a short break
Štip with the original Pioneri


Kumanovo - with a little help of our friends from the army
And how it started: Epic efforts from all Municipalities on day one:
Debar changed their mind and expanded the GENERALKA WEEKEND to a whole “GENERALKA WEEK”! They started to clean the wonderful scenic road around the lake which will bloom again in all it´s glory since this action will be over. Especially because of those huge efforts, Pakomak brought right in time brand new containers and thanks to the enormous energy of the people of Debar, these were immediately filled with garbage that will be recycled.
In Kumanovo there was nothing less than an earthshaking energy feelable – the whole Komunalno and the army itself joined forced to start to clean an illegal waste site in the middle of the town. A very motivated group of SONCHEVI PIONERI cleaned another site and it was impressive to see how change could happen, when all groups of a community come together and help eachother to make their home – and Kumanovo – a better place!
Demir Kapija activated a lot of young and old people, sportsmen and sportswomen and especially focused on those wonderful natural sites, this beautiful municipality has to offer. Loads of Pakomak bags were filled with leftovers from picknickers from lakes, pools, riverbanks and forests. From young to old – a true family experience – go into your most favorite places and clean them: Demir Kapija did that today and shines in all its natural beauty!
Talking of the young generation: Veles, who will join the “GENERALKA WEEKEND |Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” action for two days (so if you are near Veles, just check it out tomorrow) involved especially the very youngest among us today and taught them the concept of waste separation. With a lot of positive energy, thoughtfulness and fun this approach leads absolutely to the point: The future are our kids and our future starts here and today in Veles!
If you live near Ohrid, Debar, Veles, Štip or Gevgelja then you are warmely welcomed to join the “GENERALKA WEEKEND |Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” tomorrow Saturday and if you want to visit Strumica, Debar or Kriva Palanka on Sunday, then don´t forget to take some gloves with you because it´s time to get dirty and clean – it´s GENERALKA WEEKEND 🙂 
Debar - activating the whole city
Demir Kapija - cleaning the natural sites

Sinpeks Becomes New Patron of SONCHEVA

Deeply rooted in the tradition of building a sustainable business with the support of a strong family, SINPEKS stood the test of time and ethics. Their ongoing support for young agricultural entrepreneurs produced a lot of promising opportunities for rural development and revitalization. We are very happy to announce that today Hristina Funa together with her wonderful family representing SINPEKS have become our new PATRONS of SONCHEVA opening a new chapter in our Land of The Sun! 

EVN – The New Patron of SONCHEVA

EVN connects the people of The Land of The Sun

The idea of creating a network between people, their stories, their unique characters and visions, has spread and grown. Together we created “SONCHEVA” as a symbol of hope and future, for an ecological renewal and optimistic perspective – a positive and energetic narrative that brings us closer to our country and makes us realize that we all are: “The Land of The Sun”. One of the biggest supporters, employers and leading forces in renewal and reformation in our land was and is EVN. Today are very happy to announce EVN as a the new “Patron of SONCHEVA” – may our synergies become energies to make The Land of The Sun shine brighter and warmer for everyone who believes in the power to create a better home – SONCHEVA.

National Workshop for Handmade Paper

From left to right: Gordana, Ljubco and Hannes

In the City of Deep Lake there is a place where alchemy takes place. In the small workshop and museum located on the most visited street in the city, handmade paper is created from wood, cotton, herbs, coffee … and other various natural materials, according to the knowledge of the people who lived in the 15th century. His father instilled in him a love for this extremely unique skill and art, and in the past 10 years Ljupco Panovski together with his wife and son have deepened it with various innovations based on serious research. SONCHEVA received another inspiring and precious ambassador – we welcome Ljupco.

Jazz Inn Ohrid – The Temple of Groove of SONCHEVA

From left to right: Hannes, Valentin and Gordana

Located by the deepest lake in Europe the family Hristovski’s club „Jazz Inn” is the only place in the Land of the Sun that has remained loyal to the sound of jazz. This place has been a synonymous for the best midnight jazz gigs and live entertainment for over three decades. Still close to the original style of velvet red colors and the patina of the energies of all the visitors, who enjoyed the unforgettable atmosphere of the club. The “Jazz Inn” remains the place to experience the most beautiful sounds of jazz. Since they have been 20 years old, Valentin and Ivo Hristovski have continuously built and preserved the image of the “Jazz Inn” Ohrid and we are proud to welcome them to the family of SONCHEVA ambassadors today!