We are very happy and proud to welcome Bimilk to the family of official partners of GENERALKA WEEKEND 2024.

Bimilk, as one of the best brands in Macedonia, has proven over the years that it is a driver of innovation in the field of dairy products.

The focus of BiMilk is aimed at implementing innovative and ecological solutions and their main goal is that the product packaging is selected/reused/recycled and does not end up in nature.


ЕВН Македонија - Logos

We are very happy and proud to welcome EVN back in the GENERALKA WEEKEND family as an official partner. Being among the first companies in Macedonia in 2021 who supported our idea of “SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun” including the first GENERALKA WEEKEND, this means a lot to us and we´re looking forward to move together into a green future together with one of the most companies in our country.


We are very happy and proud to announce that BUCHIM joined our GENERALKA WEEKEND 24 family. Since 2022 BUCHIM and Borov Dol are already supporting SONCHEVA GORA plantations in Stip, Konce, Radovis but also in Ohrid and other municipalities in Macedonia. Thanks to their ongoing efforts and constantly supporting the communities around their facilities, Buchim became a great example in Macedonia, how the mining industry can take responsibility for their environment and people.

MAM Renews Partnership with NULA OTPAD

We are very happy and proud that we for the second year NULA OTPAD will join our GENERALKA WEEKEND family as an official partner. As the leading force in collecting electronic waste and education activities in schools and kindergartens in Macedonia, NULA OTPAD became one of the most trusted companies in the field of waste collection. Thanks to NULA OTPADs efforts, citizens and companies of Macedonia have now a way to dispose electronic waste FREE OF CHARGE and with the guarantee that this dangerous waste will not end up in the nature.

MAM Renews Partnership With PAKOMAK

As one of our first partners since 2020, PAKOMAK has always played a key strategic role in all of our activities. We are very happy and proud to announce that our partnership is again renewed for 2024 and together we go shoulder on shoulder to reach our goal of enabling a clean environment by installing a circular waste system in Macedonia.

SONCHEVA GORA ´23 – 50.000 Trees Planted in Veles

On the 27. November 2023, 23 hectares or more than 50,000 trees on state land were reforested near Lake Mladost, north of Veles. Over a hundred volunteers from Pivara Skopje and Veles participated in the afforestation action “SONCHEVA GORA“, emphasizing the importance that with a collective investment we can ensure a green future for us and for the next generations.

The ten-year environmental restoration project “ZELENA SONCHEVA” is organized by Man and Mountain and is realized together with Pivara Skopje and Pakomak and the official partners Sparkasse Bank and Nula Otpad, supported by the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and National Forestry. The project consists of two parts: the annual spring action for cleaning and sorting waste “GENERALKA WEEKEND” and the action for afforestation of state land “SONCHEVA GORA“, which takes place in the fall and is determined by the Ministry of Agriculture within the annual afforestation program. For every 10 kilograms of waste collected, the ministry dedicates one tree. 

From left to right: Hannes (MAM), Minister Shukova (Environment), Minister Nikolovski (Agriculture)

Volunteers from Pivara Skopje and Pakomak came to the field and supported the action by planting trees.

“Such actions are extremely important for our company and help us to connect the two most important strategic initiatives – “World without waste” and CO2 reduction. On this occasion, I would like to call all our partners in support of such platforms, because the most important value that we all share is the desire to create a better world for future generations”, said Snezana Savić Dimovska, director of corporate affairs and sustainability of Pivara Skopje.

The ZELENA SONCHEVA project started in 2021 and will be completed in 2031, for which Man and Mountain signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Agriculture and National Forestry.

from left to right: Gordana (MAM), Minister Nikolovski (Agriculture), Snezana Savić Dimovska (Pivara Skopje)

In just three years, 90,000 trees have been planted and 615,000 kilograms of waste has been collected, and so far more than 25,500 registered volunteers have participated, of which 10,000 were children – our “SONCHEVI PIONERI”, Man and Mountain pointed out.

The Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ljupcho Nikolovski emphasized that by enriching the forest fund in the country, we ensure a healthier future for everyone.

“We preserve and develop our greatest natural wealth, which is the forests. We set ourselves a goal of afforestation of 1,200,000 seedlings, in 19 regions, at 36 locations across the country.”

Together for a better future: GENERALKA WEEKEND

The Minister of Environment Mrs. Kaya Shukova emphasized that she is pleased by the fact that day by day we are developing healthy habits towards the environment.

“In the spring we collected and selected waste with the massive involvement of many partners from state institutions, local governments, the business community and young people, and now we are showing how with an innovative approach, creativity and will we recycle the waste of the past and build a green future.” – “Let’s get dirty and plant a green future” is her motto.