SONCHEVA GORA ´23 – 50.000 Trees Planted in Veles

On the 27. November 2023, 23 hectares or more than 50,000 trees on state land were reforested near Lake Mladost, north of Veles. Over a hundred volunteers from Pivara Skopje and Veles participated in the afforestation action “SONCHEVA GORA“, emphasizing the importance that with a collective investment we can ensure a green future for us and for the next generations.

The ten-year environmental restoration project “ZELENA SONCHEVA” is organized by Man and Mountain and is realized together with Pivara Skopje and Pakomak and the official partners Sparkasse Bank and Nula Otpad, supported by the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and National Forestry. The project consists of two parts: the annual spring action for cleaning and sorting waste “GENERALKA WEEKEND” and the action for afforestation of state land “SONCHEVA GORA“, which takes place in the fall and is determined by the Ministry of Agriculture within the annual afforestation program. For every 10 kilograms of waste collected, the ministry dedicates one tree. 

From left to right: Hannes (MAM), Minister Shukova (Environment), Minister Nikolovski (Agriculture)

Volunteers from Pivara Skopje and Pakomak came to the field and supported the action by planting trees.

“Such actions are extremely important for our company and help us to connect the two most important strategic initiatives – “World without waste” and CO2 reduction. On this occasion, I would like to call all our partners in support of such platforms, because the most important value that we all share is the desire to create a better world for future generations”, said Snezana Savić Dimovska, director of corporate affairs and sustainability of Pivara Skopje.

The ZELENA SONCHEVA project started in 2021 and will be completed in 2031, for which Man and Mountain signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Agriculture and National Forestry.

from left to right: Gordana (MAM), Minister Nikolovski (Agriculture), Snezana Savić Dimovska (Pivara Skopje)

In just three years, 90,000 trees have been planted and 615,000 kilograms of waste has been collected, and so far more than 25,500 registered volunteers have participated, of which 10,000 were children – our “SONCHEVI PIONERI”, Man and Mountain pointed out.

The Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ljupcho Nikolovski emphasized that by enriching the forest fund in the country, we ensure a healthier future for everyone.

“We preserve and develop our greatest natural wealth, which is the forests. We set ourselves a goal of afforestation of 1,200,000 seedlings, in 19 regions, at 36 locations across the country.”

Together for a better future: GENERALKA WEEKEND

The Minister of Environment Mrs. Kaya Shukova emphasized that she is pleased by the fact that day by day we are developing healthy habits towards the environment.

“In the spring we collected and selected waste with the massive involvement of many partners from state institutions, local governments, the business community and young people, and now we are showing how with an innovative approach, creativity and will we recycle the waste of the past and build a green future.” – “Let’s get dirty and plant a green future” is her motto.


It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this year’s GENERALKA ART competition in the name of our patron Pivara Skopje and our official partners Pakomak, Sparkasse Banka and Nula Otpad.

With more than 250 drawings we received, it was an almost impossible task for the jury to find the best three and we are still deeply impressed by the creative and visionary potential of our young generation.

It is our obligation as a society in our country to motivate and support the creativity of our young generation, if we want to have a future as a country and as people.
We have to create an environment for children to unleash their creativity, realize their visions, make them believe in themselves and convince them that anything is possible, if they just do it.

Strengthening the love in every young heart for their birthplace, for the mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, culture, food, music and with care and respect for all our citizens, together we can make all our dreams come true in Macedonia.

We are the ones responsible who have to encourage and give space to young people to achieve what they imagine, if we want to have a future.

For their imagination of their home in the future and how they want it to look like, we are awarding the following three artists:

  • Era Missimi (“Faik Konica” ODU, village of Odri, Municipality of Tearce)
  • Teodora Stankovska (OOU “Ilinden”, Kriva Palanka)
  • Angela Stojkoska (Sveti Kliment Ohridski OOU, Makedonski Brod)

Our patron and our partners at GENERAL WEEKEND prepared a gift basket for each of our winning artists. But because our winning artists are also representatives of their communities, our partners decided to provide one large planter (Raised Bed) for each of their schools along with suitable soil and a collection of original indigenous seeds.
Children should learn how these plants grow, how they are planted, how they are cultivated and how the fruits are finally harvested.
After the first fruit harvest, the children learn how to extract new seeds and each child receives a seed and homework to plant at home.

Our children will be connected to the heritage of our culture by learning about how life was created and sustained in the older generations of our country.
We want to bring back that feeling of success when harvesting your own vegetables that you have grown with love and care.
This lesson is not only a lesson about growing vegetables, but also about finding your place in society and manifesting the ethics of how to turn your ideas into reality.

During the next days we will contact you all personally to arrange the delivery of the gifts and on behalf of our patron and our official partners we congratulate you all!

Thank you so much for sharing your vision for a better future with us.
Let’s make it a reality!


Today the official Press Conference for announcing the results of GENERALKA WEEKEND 2023 was held at our partner´s PIVARA SKOPJE new offices. All of our partners – Pivara Skopje, PAKOMAK, Nula Otpad and Sparkasse – as well as the Minister of Agriculture Ljupcho Nikolovski joined us to listen to the announcements presented by the Minister of Environment Kaja Shukova

The results are remarkable:

51 Municipalities and National Park Shar Planina were actively engaged in GW23

304 locations were cleaned.

more than 300 schools and kindergartens were involved.

15.811 participants contributed by collecting in total. 

252.681kg of waste.

The Minister of Agriculture confirmed to dedicate 25.000 trees in this year´s plantation action in fall for the SONCHEVA GORA plantations across Macedonia! 

This is all only possible through the engagement of the employees of the municipalities and their mayors, communal waste workers, schools, kindergartens, pensionists, NGOs and activists, private companies, and farmers! 

We can all be proud of what we have achieved this year and let’s keep up the spirit of GENERALKA WEEKEND for the whole year, until we meet again for GENERALKA WEEKEND 24 on 10. – 12. MAY 2024! 

Thank you very much!


With 53 Municipalities, already more than 16.000 registered SONCHEVI PIONERI, GENERALKA WEEKEND 2023 was the biggest environmental action ever held on the entire balkans. Together with our partners from Pivara Skopje, Pakomak and with the support of Nula Otpad, Sparkasse Banka, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture, MAN AND MOUNTAIN organised this event with more than 450 schools.

In cooperation with Represent Communications, our team produced a two hours+ live broadcast on the incredible vivid facebook group of GENERALKA WEEKEND.

Man and Mountain is Official Partner of National Park Sar Planina

from left to right: Hannes (MAM), Gordana (MAM), Ibrahim Dehari (National Park Sar Planina)

Today the director of National Park Šar Planina Mr. Ibrahim Dehari and Gordana Sofija and Hannes Jaeckl from Man And Mountain signed the Memorandum for strategic collaboration until the year 2031.

This collaboration not only covers activities arround the GENERALKA WEEKEND and SONCHEVA GORA but also developing waste disposal system as well as touristic strategies in and around the National Park Šar Planina and it’s sorrounding municipalities.

From today on we make our hands dirty together and create a green perspective for us and future generations in our country


Yes, it’s on again! From 12. – 14. May 2023 in more than 45 Municipalities in North Macedonia: The biggest spring cleaning party of the country! Our friends and partners from PIVARA SKOPJE, PAKOMAK and SPARKASSE joined us again in this year to kick off the biggest volunteer driven environment action on the whole Balkans:

Schoolkids, NGOs, pensionists, students, Sports Clubs, Mountaineers, Divers, employees of Kommunalno, Municipalities, Government, Embassies, Companies and even the Armee join us again to clean the waste of the past to create a green perspective for us and future generations in our country!

And there’s a lot coming up within the next weeks:

  • We introduce all participating Municipalities on our
    Facebook Group – and
    Instagram Profile –
  • We will update all events, so you can easily find the “where and when can I join” in your town
  • Check out our Flyers and Posters this year – contribute with your ideas and win big time present baskets from our partners!
  • Keep your phone close – we prepare a huge online event for the 12. May!

…. and so much more to come – stay tuned – keep on checking our channels and be ready to MAKE YOURSELF DIRTY AND CLEAN 🧹+🌱+🌞+🇲🇰=😃



We are very happy to announce that the Ministry of Agriculture together with National Forestry has fulfilled their promise to dedicate one tree for every 10 kg of trash that we all collected together with more than 8.400 volunteers, 190 Organisations in 26 Municipalities in North Macedonia during the GENERALKA WEEKEND 2022.  

From left to right: Minister of Environment Naser Nuredini, Gordana Sofija and Hannes Jaeckl

The Ministry of Agriculture together with National Forestry with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Pivara Skopje and Pakomak have planted nearly 40.000 trees on more than 380.000m2 of land on two locations near Veles and Petrovec (Skopje).  

From left to right: Minister of Agriculture Ljubcho Nikolovski, Hannes Jaeckl and Gordana Sofija

We want to thank all participants of the GENERALKA WEEKEND as well as all supporters of SONCHEVA GORA and we are looking forward to seeing you again on 12.-14. May 2023 for the GENERALKA WEEKEND 2023

Let’s make our selfs dirty and clean our country from the waste of the past and create a green perspective for us and future generations!

All drone recordings are made by:

SONCHEVA GORA – Tree Plantation 2022

from left to right: Hannes, Gordana and Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ljupcho Nikolovski

On the 2nd of June 2022, we Man and Mountain in the name of all SONCHEVI PIONERI of Macedonia signed memorandum with the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Ljupco NIkolovski and Director of National Forestry Valentin Gruevski about planting trees. For every 10 kg of collected waste during the GENERALKA WEEKEND from 2021 – 2031 the Ministry of Agriculture will dedicate one tree in their annual plantation plans together with the National Forestry for the next 10 years.

from left to right: Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski and Director of National Forestry Mr. Valentin Gruevski

This year they will plant on two locations: Petrovec (Skopje) and Veles.

During the last two years SONCHEVI PIONERI collected more than 360.000 kg of wasteduring the GENERALKA WEEKENDS.

So in this year we plant a breathtaking number of nearly 40.000 trees. These forests will be officially named SONCHEVA GORA.


Opening Event in Skopje / Vodno

Our hearts are full of joy and pride when we saw all the numbers of this year’s GENERALKA WEEKEND. We broke all records and wrote history to enable a better future. We all did this together because we are people with different political, etnical, social and educational backgrounds, but what unites us is the country that we live in, the air that we breath and the water that we drink.

And these are the numbers:·

26 participating Municipalities from 6.-8. May 2022
o 8.212 participants 
o Total collected waste in three days: 186.748kg
o Selected Plastic: 7.249kg
o Selected Paper: 4.897kg
o Selected Glass: 397kg
o Selected Cans: 60kg
o Bulky Waste: 12.280kg
o Mixed Waste: 56.675kg
o Other Waste (illegal landfills): 105.190kg

Thank to our friends and partners, who made GENERALKA WEEKEND happen:
Pivara Skopje
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Agriculture
All mayors and directors of Komunalna and environment inspectors from all participating municipalities
Kids and teachers from more than 40 schools
Firefighters, NGOs, pensionists, sports clubs and everyone who made his/her hands dirty to clean!

We are proud about your trust and next time we will make it better, bigger and greater! This was the second year of GENERALKA WEEKEND and we have 8 more years to go to clean our country.

We are all SONCHEVI PIONERI – lets recycle the waste of the past into a green future – for all of us 🙂

Impressions from 6. May 2022
Impressions from 7. May 2022
Impressions from the 8. May 2022


This is the actual list of all locations that will be cleaned during the GENERALKA WEEKEND 2022:

6. May 2022

Aerodrom: 6. May +

8am till 12pm

  • OOU “Ljuben Lape” and the Kindergarden “Bambi”
  • OOU “Gjorgjija Pulevski” and kindergarden “Srnichka”
  • OOU “Lazo Angeleski” and Kindergarden “Buba Mara” and the kids Street
  • Shopping Center “Lisice”

Berovo: 6. May +

Starting Time: 9:00

  • From Manastir to Saint Bogorodica 
  • City Park river from both sides
  • Paket Market – Lovno
  • Path on Berovo lake
  • Circle path towards Calipso

Bitola: 6. May +

10 am till 2 pm

  • Street: Industriska across Star Progres and Bitolatex (ул.Индустриска наспроти стар Прогрес и Битолатекс)
  • Street Kocho Racin (left side) (ул.Кочо Рацин – лева страна)
  • The road toward village Bistrica near MV Schwarz (Пат за село Бистрица кај мв Шварц)
  • ARM
  • Village. Bukovo (с.Буково)
  • Street. Bataljon Stiv Naumov near The Beauties (ул. Баталјон Стив Наумов кај Убавиците)
  • All central elementary and highs schools

City of Skopje | Pivara Skopje on Vodno: 6. May 

09:00 – 14:00

Gjorce Petrov: 6. May +

Start: 10 am

  • Hrom Poljana
  • Jurija near the hospital “St. Lazar”
  • Dame Gruev near Kokta buildings 50 and 52

Kavardarci: 6. May +

9am to 12pm

Gathering place: Main Square

  • Street: “Gjore Brushanski” (Kavadarecki Dol)
  • Street: “Gjorgji Sokolov” with North Bulevar (Teniss playgroung, buildings Belka)
  • Street: “Klinska” Kalnica

Kratovo: 6. May +


  • Central region (protected)
  • Sport terrains
  • Educational institutions
  • Kej of Kratovska Reka 

Kriva Palanka: 6. May +

Time 9:00 – 11:00

  • 53 locations

Kriva Palanka TEPSIJA: 6. May +

Time 12:00 – 13:30

  • New Main Square 

Krusevo: 6. May 2022 +

11 am

  • Gumenje
  • Elementary School Nikola Karev
  • „Kaj Klupata“ 

Kumanovo: 6. May 2022 +

  • Riverbank from both sides of the river Kumanovska
  • Big wild depony 

Veles: 6. May 2022 

(Possible new dates and locations)

  • River Babuna
  • Lake Mladost

Saraj: 6. May +

9 am

  • Matka

Tearce: 6. May +

Start: 11am infront of the participating schools

  • Village Tearce – OOU „Kiril Pejchinovik”
  • Village Nerashte – OOU “Ismail Kjemali”
  • Village Odri – OOU “Faik Konica”
  • Village Glogji – OOU „Asdreni“
  • Village Slatino – OOU „Ekrem Chabej”
  • Village Leshok – OOU „Kiril Pejchinovikj”
  • Village Neproshteno – OOU „Ekjrem Chabej”
  • Village Dobroshte – OOU „Faik Konica“

Valandovo: 6. May +

10 am

  • City Valandovo (place called „Suva Reka” till the place called “Stranec” with gathering place on the location itelf 

Град Валандово (место викано „Сува река“ па се до место викано „Странец“ со збирно место на самата локација)

  • Udovo (true all place with gathering there)
    Удово (низ цело населено место со збирно место во паркот во самото населено место)


7. May

Bitola: 7. May +

  • 3 wastelands (They will send us the locations additionally)

Bosilovo: 7. May +

8 am infront the Municipality Building

  • Monastery “Sent Kliment and Naum”, village Hamzali

Demir Kapija: 7. May +

  • Entrance of Demir Kapija (enter of the E750 highway)
  • Left esplanade of river Boshava from the new bridge to the entrance of the river Vardar
  • Path to the depandance (fishery Aquatica)

Gjorce Petrov: 7. May +

  • Kross in village Kuchkovo (organized transport)

Gostivar: 7. May +

Time: 9:30 – 12:30 

Gathering Place in front of the Municipality building

  • High School Economy
  • City Hospital
  • Big Market
  • Culture Home

Ohrid: 7. May 2022 +

Starting point: 10am at the Beach Gorica

  • Backyards of the all highschools and the sorroundings
  • Line from Hotel Park to the former Child Clinic

Prilep: 7. May +

From 8am till 12pm

Gathering place: Parking Lot near the lake

  • Komplex “Artificial Lake” Prilep

Stip: 7. May +

9 am

Gathering place: Municipality building

  • Sonchev Grad neighbourhood Duzlak (Населба Сончев Град (Дузлак))
  • Pedestrian path in the part near Banja Kezovica (Novo Selo) (Пешачка патека во делот кај Бања Кежовица (Ново Село))
  • Street. Kosovska (Near Antenna) (ул. Косовска (Кај Антената))

Tetovo: 7. May +

9:30 am

  • Green Parks
  • Banja
  • Tetovchanka
  • Te Medicine ne
  • Industriska
  • Kale from Tetovo

Veles: 7. May?? (Possible new dates and locations)

  • River Babuna
  • Lake Mladost

8. May 2022

Gevgelija: 8. May

9:00 Start time

  • Archeological site Vardarski Rid
  • Novo Petlje entrance of the city between the rails and Zimov (green surface)
  • Former Kasarna

Konče 8. May

10 am

  • Lake Mantovo
  • The holiday houses and villas around

Strumica: 8. May

9 am

  • Industrial Zone (Behing BONI Integradba)  Street. Agroberza


9. May 2022

Debar: 9. May 2022 +

9 am

  • Debar Lake (meeting point)

17.-18. May 2022

Shuto Orizari: 17.-18. May

  • From Stovariste Dzidi Komerc to Poranesna Pretovarna Stanica