Sergej and Irena Andreevski Become Ambassadors of SONCHEVA

From left to right: Gordana, Sergej and Irena Andreevski and Hannes

At the entrance to the site there stands a stone statue in memory of his father, the great poet from the Land of the Sun. But this is just the first sign that you have passed in the village with many mystical stories and apparitions, where the House of Art is located. The philanthropists, artists, animal lovers, eco-activists Sergej and Irena Andreevski live there. The have been committed to a clean environment for already more than 20 years and have opened their home to hundreds of artists from all over the world, who created art during the time they spent there. Many of these works are shown at the Art Point Gumno. That place has become a home, a focal point, a shelter, a place of creation and rest for many artists, who while being there, co-exist in synergy with the rich nature around. Our hearts are full of pride that Sergej and Irena gladly accepted to be the new ambassadors of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA.

First Artwork Drafts

Alva´s Sketch for The SONCHEVA Flag
Ella´s Scetch for The SONCHEVA Flag

Alva & Ella Jaeckl drawings, inspired by SONCHEVA project. This sweet 7 and 10 year old girls give us the most precious gift: their art and ideas about the flag of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun.