Generalka Weekend 2022 is on

Generalka Weekend 2022 from 6.-8. May is confirmed in 25 municipalities covering more than 1.200.000 citizens of North Macedonia. Generalka Weekend is therefor the biggest environment cleaning action in the history of NMK as well as on the whole balkans.

We are very proud to announce that Pivara Skopje and Pakomak are the patrons of the Generalka Weekend 2022 providing the infrastructure and spirit to create a fundamental change in the way we select waste and take responsibility for the environment around us.

Also in this year Zelena Soncheva is supported by the Ministry of Environment as well as the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Agriculture will dedicate one tree per ten kg of collected waste in their reforestation activities in the following years to come.

Generalka Weekend is a waste collecting action on the second weekend of May repeating for 10 years – from 2021 to 2031. Our goal is to clean the country from the garbage of the past to recycle it into a green future for us and following generations to come.

Each year in autumn we plant new trees together with the Ministry of Agriculture and private donators throughout the whole country and those forests will be called “SONCHEVA GORA”. SONCHEVA GORA are forests built by the efforts of the citizens of North Macedonia to rebuild their country to provide hope and a healthy environment for all people who live in this country.

ProPoint Supports SONCHEVA

It was a very inspiring afternoon that we´ve spent with Filip Hristov at his very impressive production house in Skopje: He told us the story about him and his brother Aleksandar, how they built ProPoint 20 years ago from literally nothing. Today ProPoint is one of the most modern printing houses in the Balkans and it is completely powered by their own photo voltaic plant that they built on top of their factory roof. No external or fossil energy is used to run all printing machines, air condition and IT in the whole factory and office rooms – they even recharge their vans in front of their house with their “home-made” electricity. The people at ProPoint are just a great example of how we can open the gates to an economic and ecological future in our “Land of The Sun” and how we can simply create a “SONCHEVA” by ourselves!

Pakomak Supports SONCHEVA

To lift the burden of thrash and poison from our soil, we don´t only need environmental awareness and love to our country and its nature, we also need a partner that can help us building an effective infrastructure to keep our land clean from pollution. In PAKOMAK we found a great partner that is sharing our values and our vision to make our land a better place for us and coming generations! We want to thank PAKOMAK for their trust and support so we will be able to do some very cool environmental actions in 2021 together in our “Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA”!

EU with Us :-)

We are very proud to announce that we are officially supported by the Delegation of the European Union, Skopje on our Social Media Channels. We want to thank you for your support and your motivating attitude towards the good people of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA!

Dejan Aleksov – Our Man!

Mr. Dejan Aleksov

Mr. Dejan Aleksov a representative of a a rare type in his profession – law due to the ethical dimensions that he nurtures as a person and as a professional. Already at the very first meeting, Dejan recognized the value and beauty of SONCHEVA and became a part of the ever growing family from “The Land of The Sun”. We are very happy and proud to introduce Dejan Aleksov, owner of the law office “ALEKSOV“, our friend and lawyer, who is always here to help and advice with his wisdom and patience.

Austrian Audio On Board

World class audio equipment from AUSTRIAN AUDIO will catch the sound of SONCHEVA

We are very proud to introduce Austrian Audio to our ever growing SONCHEVA family! The Austrian manufacturer of world class high end microphones and headphones will support us with their cutting edge technology to record the outstanding musical performances of Synthesis out in the wild of The Land of The Sun.