SOLOPROM – Becomes New Patron of SONCHEVA

As one of the most innovative and progressive forces in furniture and kitchen design, SOLOPROM already is a fixed member on the list of the finest companies in Macedonia. Their believe in quality, environmental and social responsibility and their continuous efforts in educating their employees makes them a natural Patron of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun. We are very happy and honored to welcome SOLOPROM in the family of the “Patrons of SONCHEVA” – the protectors of “The Land of The Sun” 🙂

Sinpeks Becomes New Patron of SONCHEVA

Deeply rooted in the tradition of building a sustainable business with the support of a strong family, SINPEKS stood the test of time and ethics. Their ongoing support for young agricultural entrepreneurs produced a lot of promising opportunities for rural development and revitalization. We are very happy to announce that today Hristina Funa together with her wonderful family representing SINPEKS have become our new PATRONS of SONCHEVA opening a new chapter in our Land of The Sun! 

EVN – The New Patron of SONCHEVA

EVN connects the people of The Land of The Sun

The idea of creating a network between people, their stories, their unique characters and visions, has spread and grown. Together we created “SONCHEVA” as a symbol of hope and future, for an ecological renewal and optimistic perspective – a positive and energetic narrative that brings us closer to our country and makes us realize that we all are: “The Land of The Sun”. One of the biggest supporters, employers and leading forces in renewal and reformation in our land was and is EVN. Today are very happy to announce EVN as a the new “Patron of SONCHEVA” – may our synergies become energies to make The Land of The Sun shine brighter and warmer for everyone who believes in the power to create a better home – SONCHEVA.