Dejan Spasovic – The Visions Builder

Dejan Spasovic in his workshop

A man with so many talents and skills, inspiring the young and inspiriting the old, a never ending well of vivid and sparkling visions, has joined our circle of Ambassadors: Dejan Spasovic. The sculpturerThe musicianThe artist – The natural builder of the Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA. 

Gordana hanging in there in Dejan´s workshop
Skype meeting in June with Dejan, Goca and Hannes

Ivica Milevski Is Our New Ambassador

From left to right: Hannes, Ivica Milevski, Gordana

There are not many people around, who know this land better than him. He knows how it became to what it is today and he knows what to do, to preserve nature and heritage to 
create a rich, sustainable and clean environment for the future of our Land of The Sun: We are more than proud to present Ivica Milevski the new ambassador of SONCHEVA! 

Meet The Protectors of COCEV KAMEN

From left to right: Hannes, Gojcho Stevkovski, Gordana, Marjan Mishevski and Dushko Aleksovski

In the beginning, before time and life, there already existed a place that became the birthplace of SONCHEVA. On COCEV KAMEN, where the gods started time by combining the energies of earth, universe and music, ancient artefacts tell us stories from those long-forgotten ages. We are very proud to introduce the protectors of this priceless heritage of humankind as the new ambassadors of Our Land of The Sun: Dushko Aleksovski, Gojcho Stevkovski and Marjan Mishevski.

Masters of The Nectar of Truth

From left to right: Gordana, Saško, Badi and Hannes

Since ancient times it requires true mastery to turn the fruits of plants that root in the center of the earth into a nectar that allows humans to see their true nature. Only secret magic knowledge, given from one to the next generation can extract the essence of this fruit and we are proud to present the new ambassadors of SONCHEVA: Blaze Badi Minevski from the “Badi” winery and Sashko Andov from “EROS” winery. 

From left to right: Gordana, Badi and Hannes in the secret LOVE laboratory in Kavadarci
From left to right: Hannes, Saško and Gordana in front of EROS winery in Marena, Kavadarci

A Story of Friendship and Love

From left to right – Mihajlo Filev – Gordana – Hannes

Magic pearls can only be manufactured in an unique and authentic way that can only be found in the city near the Deep Lake. Those pearls origin is told by two extraordinary stories: one is about friendship and the other one about love. People from all over the world are enchanted by their beauty and seek their magic. We are welcoming Mihajlo Filev and his jewelry workshop from Ohrid Pearls – the creator, who inherited the family´s tradition and crafts that are almost a century old, as a new ambassador of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA. 

Made To Fit – Always and Everywhere

From left to right – Gordana – Anita Gaj – Hannes – lower row – a person who enjoys a Lotus chair in the winter

Since the beginning, humans adapted the shape of things to their specific needs. But no human is like the other and everyone has different needs. So wouldn’t it be perfect if those things automatically adapt their shape especially to the needs of the human? Anita Gaj and her company Lotus chairs did that trick and either silky or waterproof, her furniture – made with love and skill in The Land of The Sun – perfectly adapts to the needs of every individual. We are more than happy to welcome Anita Gaj and Lotus Chairs as new ambassadors of SONCHEVA.

Life Can Never Be Too Sweet

From top left clockwise – Niko Choneski – Hannes – Lokum Turkish Delight (and coffee) – Gordana

At the top of the mountain there is the Small Township that keeps the secret to the most delicious delicacy in SONCHEVA – and that is the Turkish delight. This dessert that has traditionally been prepared by Niko and his family for decades and it’s a magnet for confectionery lovers. That is why we are happy to welcome another ambassador of the Land of the Sun – Niko Choneski aka Tagas – Balkans, whose products will sweeten the soul of all who will taste them!

… and we could not resist using this foto twice…

Handmade Soaps To Heal

For years, the secret recipe for the magic soap was passed down in his family and one day Marjan decided to continue the tradition that was started by his grandmother. With the help of secret ingredients and an alchemy process that only he knows, he makes this ointment and medicine that cures various skin ailments. He casts these pieces of magic into a special mold and cuts them with guitar strings just to add another healing ingredient: MUSIC
There is no end to our joy that Marjan Stojnev and his magic soaps are part of SONCEVA, which will not only help the people of The Land of The Sun to recover, but wider…

The Spirit of Prespa

From left to right: Gordana, Ana, Hannes

In every fruit lives a little love story between a blossom and a bee – as there is a love story between generations of Ana Labor´s family and their trees. 
So whenever you bite into a fruit that was grown on their farm, all those love stories become alive again and their taste becomes your own new love story. 
We are very happy and proud to welcome Ana Labor and her family in our ever growing SONCHEVA family and making The spirit of Prespa another miraculous 
place in our Land of The Sun.

Hotel Manastir – A Place To Find Yourself

From Left To Right: Dina, Gordana and Hannes

Hidden behind green hills, embedded in untouched nature and streams of clear waters and fresh air, there is a temple that was built by generations where you can reinvent yourself and revitalize your spirit. 
We are very happy and proud to welcome DINA MUCUNSKA and the Hotel Manastir in our ever growing family of SONCHEVA – Our Land of The Sun.

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Hotel Manastir