First Artwork Drafts

Alva´s Sketch for The SONCHEVA Flag
Ella´s Scetch for The SONCHEVA Flag

Alva & Ella Jaeckl drawings, inspired by SONCHEVA project. This sweet 7 and 10 year old girls give us the most precious gift: their art and ideas about the flag of SONCHEVA – The Land of The Sun.

Austrian Audio On Board

World class audio equipment from AUSTRIAN AUDIO will catch the sound of SONCHEVA

We are very proud to introduce Austrian Audio to our ever growing SONCHEVA family! The Austrian manufacturer of world class high end microphones and headphones will support us with their cutting edge technology to record the outstanding musical performances of Synthesis out in the wild of The Land of The Sun. 

A Loud Shoutout From Synthesis

We were lately hearing a loud shout out from the „Synthesis“ bunkers – they are rehearsing songs and arrangements and keep a close look on the quality of 2019-ies Rakia production – all for the sake of our “SONCHEVA” project of course 🙂 Marjan Jovanovski Hannes Jaeckl Goc Manasievska