Jazz Inn Ohrid – The Temple of Groove of SONCHEVA

From left to right: Hannes, Valentin and Gordana

Located by the deepest lake in Europe the family Hristovski’s club „Jazz Inn” is the only place in the Land of the Sun that has remained loyal to the sound of jazz. This place has been a synonymous for the best midnight jazz gigs and live entertainment for over three decades. Still close to the original style of velvet red colors and the patina of the energies of all the visitors, who enjoyed the unforgettable atmosphere of the club. The “Jazz Inn” remains the place to experience the most beautiful sounds of jazz. Since they have been 20 years old, Valentin and Ivo Hristovski have continuously built and preserved the image of the “Jazz Inn” Ohrid and we are proud to welcome them to the family of SONCHEVA ambassadors today!