Kumanovo - with a little help of our friends from the army
And how it started: Epic efforts from all Municipalities on day one:
Debar changed their mind and expanded the GENERALKA WEEKEND to a whole “GENERALKA WEEK”! They started to clean the wonderful scenic road around the lake which will bloom again in all it´s glory since this action will be over. Especially because of those huge efforts, Pakomak brought right in time brand new containers and thanks to the enormous energy of the people of Debar, these were immediately filled with garbage that will be recycled.
In Kumanovo there was nothing less than an earthshaking energy feelable – the whole Komunalno and the army itself joined forced to start to clean an illegal waste site in the middle of the town. A very motivated group of SONCHEVI PIONERI cleaned another site and it was impressive to see how change could happen, when all groups of a community come together and help eachother to make their home – and Kumanovo – a better place!
Demir Kapija activated a lot of young and old people, sportsmen and sportswomen and especially focused on those wonderful natural sites, this beautiful municipality has to offer. Loads of Pakomak bags were filled with leftovers from picknickers from lakes, pools, riverbanks and forests. From young to old – a true family experience – go into your most favorite places and clean them: Demir Kapija did that today and shines in all its natural beauty!
Talking of the young generation: Veles, who will join the “GENERALKA WEEKEND |Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” action for two days (so if you are near Veles, just check it out tomorrow) involved especially the very youngest among us today and taught them the concept of waste separation. With a lot of positive energy, thoughtfulness and fun this approach leads absolutely to the point: The future are our kids and our future starts here and today in Veles!
If you live near Ohrid, Debar, Veles, Štip or Gevgelja then you are warmely welcomed to join the “GENERALKA WEEKEND |Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” tomorrow Saturday and if you want to visit Strumica, Debar or Kriva Palanka on Sunday, then don´t forget to take some gloves with you because it´s time to get dirty and clean – it´s GENERALKA WEEKEND 🙂 
Debar - activating the whole city
Demir Kapija - cleaning the natural sites