General Information

The „GENERALKA WEEKEND | Za Cisto Kako Doma Isto” is the first of two parts of the environmental action called “ZELENA SONCHEVA”.

During the GENERALKA WEEKEND between 6.-16. May 2021, the citizens and the local public trash companies of ten municipalities in North Macedonia were collecting and separating waste in their neighborhood. That trash was later picked, measured and recycled by Pakomak.

For every 10kg of trash, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy of North Macedonia donates a tree and the area where this forest will be planted. The exact location of SONCHEVA GORA will be announced in summer 2021. The plantation of this forest “SONCHEVA GORA” is the second part of ZELENA SONCHEVA, which will happen in November 2021.

ZELENA SONCHEVA should become a national tradition in every year: in every spring there is a weekend where all citizens clean their surroundings and for every 10kg of collected waste, we will plant a tree in autumn.

What happened in 2021

In the first year of GENERALKA WEEKEND exactly 1.000 confirmed participants from NGOs, Sport Clubs, Schools, kindergartens, environmental groups, employees of the municipalities, SONCHEVI PIONERI and Man And Mountain collected waste on more than 70 locations between 6. – 16. May 2021 in those municipalities:

  • Demir Kapija
  • Gevgelija
  • Kriva Palanka
  • Kruševo
  • Kumanovo
  • Štip
  • Strumica
  • Ohrid
  • Veles

And we collected:

  • 350 kg of plastic
  • 955 kg of paper
  • 73 kg of cans
  • 038 kg of glass
  • 360 kg of electronic waste
  • 405 kg of various waste


Every participant – from child to senior – has collected in average 11,8 kg of waste – by hand!

The Army together with the municipalities, NGOs and Rescue Teams collected more than 726 m³ of various waste with an estimated average weight of 225 kg per m³!

Together we collected in total 175.181 kg

The municipality with the most collected waste in 2021 is:

with 86.000 kg of collected trash

We congratulate all participants –

Spolaj Ti – Faleminderit – Thank you

Štip – from left to right: Biljana Kazandziska (Head of the Sector for education, public activities and LED in the Municipality of Štip), Gordana Sofija (CEO Man And Mountain LLC), D-r. Saško Nikolov (Mayor of The Municipality of Štip), Hannes Jaeckl (CEO Man And Mountain LLC) and Blagoj Bočvarski (Minister of Transport and Communications and former Mayor of Štip)