Yes, it’s on again! From 12. – 14. May 2023 in more than 45 Municipalities in North Macedonia: The biggest spring cleaning party of the country! Our friends and partners from PIVARA SKOPJE, PAKOMAK and SPARKASSE joined us again in this year to kick off the biggest volunteer driven environment action on the whole Balkans:

Schoolkids, NGOs, pensionists, students, Sports Clubs, Mountaineers, Divers, employees of Kommunalno, Municipalities, Government, Embassies, Companies and even the Armee join us again to clean the waste of the past to create a green perspective for us and future generations in our country!

And there’s a lot coming up within the next weeks:

  • We introduce all participating Municipalities on our
    Facebook Group – and
    Instagram Profile –
  • We will update all events, so you can easily find the “where and when can I join” in your town
  • Check out our Flyers and Posters this year – contribute with your ideas and win big time present baskets from our partners!
  • Keep your phone close – we prepare a huge online event for the 12. May!

…. and so much more to come – stay tuned – keep on checking our channels and be ready to MAKE YOURSELF DIRTY AND CLEAN 🧹+🌱+🌞+🇲🇰=😃