Sinpeks Becomes New Patron of SONCHEVA

Deeply rooted in the tradition of building a sustainable business with the support of a strong family, SINPEKS stood the test of time and ethics. Their ongoing support for young agricultural entrepreneurs produced a lot of promising opportunities for rural development and revitalization. We are very happy to announce that today Hristina Funa together with her wonderful family representing SINPEKS have become our new PATRONS of SONCHEVA opening a new chapter in our Land of The Sun! 

EVN – The New Patron of SONCHEVA

EVN connects the people of The Land of The Sun

The idea of creating a network between people, their stories, their unique characters and visions, has spread and grown. Together we created “SONCHEVA” as a symbol of hope and future, for an ecological renewal and optimistic perspective – a positive and energetic narrative that brings us closer to our country and makes us realize that we all are: “The Land of The Sun”. One of the biggest supporters, employers and leading forces in renewal and reformation in our land was and is EVN. Today are very happy to announce EVN as a the new “Patron of SONCHEVA” – may our synergies become energies to make The Land of The Sun shine brighter and warmer for everyone who believes in the power to create a better home – SONCHEVA.

National Workshop for Handmade Paper

From left to right: Gordana, Ljubco and Hannes

In the City of Deep Lake there is a place where alchemy takes place. In the small workshop and museum located on the most visited street in the city, handmade paper is created from wood, cotton, herbs, coffee … and other various natural materials, according to the knowledge of the people who lived in the 15th century. His father instilled in him a love for this extremely unique skill and art, and in the past 10 years Ljupco Panovski together with his wife and son have deepened it with various innovations based on serious research. SONCHEVA received another inspiring and precious ambassador – we welcome Ljupco.

Jazz Inn Ohrid – The Temple of Groove of SONCHEVA

From left to right: Hannes, Valentin and Gordana

Located by the deepest lake in Europe the family Hristovski’s club „Jazz Inn” is the only place in the Land of the Sun that has remained loyal to the sound of jazz. This place has been a synonymous for the best midnight jazz gigs and live entertainment for over three decades. Still close to the original style of velvet red colors and the patina of the energies of all the visitors, who enjoyed the unforgettable atmosphere of the club. The “Jazz Inn” remains the place to experience the most beautiful sounds of jazz. Since they have been 20 years old, Valentin and Ivo Hristovski have continuously built and preserved the image of the “Jazz Inn” Ohrid and we are proud to welcome them to the family of SONCHEVA ambassadors today!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year – With Love From The Land Of The Sun

It’s time for us to thank you all for your interest, engagement and love for our “LAND OF THE SUN”! For next year we have lots of news, fun actions, films, pictures, stories, interviews, podcasts and god knows what to let “SONCHEVA” shine brighter than ever before!
Goca and Hannes

Време е да ви се заблагодариме на сите за интересот, ангажманот и љубовта кон нашата „ЗЕМЈА НА СОНЦЕТО“! За следната година имаме многу новости, забавни акции, филмови, слики, приказни, интервјуа, подкасти и господ знае што да му дозволи на „СОНЧЕВА“ да заблеска посветло од кога и да било порано

Sergej and Irena Andreevski Become Ambassadors of SONCHEVA

From left to right: Gordana, Sergej and Irena Andreevski and Hannes

At the entrance to the site there stands a stone statue in memory of his father, the great poet from the Land of the Sun. But this is just the first sign that you have passed in the village with many mystical stories and apparitions, where the House of Art is located. The philanthropists, artists, animal lovers, eco-activists Sergej and Irena Andreevski live there. The have been committed to a clean environment for already more than 20 years and have opened their home to hundreds of artists from all over the world, who created art during the time they spent there. Many of these works are shown at the Art Point Gumno. That place has become a home, a focal point, a shelter, a place of creation and rest for many artists, who while being there, co-exist in synergy with the rich nature around. Our hearts are full of pride that Sergej and Irena gladly accepted to be the new ambassadors of our Land of The Sun – SONCHEVA.